More brand mentions for your celebrity placements
MADU monitors fashion and celebrity news publications to track coverages of your celebrity placements, and alerts you instantly when a brand mention is missing.
software dashboard of monitoring
Effortlessly find & keep track of all online media coverages
Stay in the know with our comprehensive monitoring, capturing all editorial coverages of your brand's celebrity placements.
Get alerted when a brand mention is missing
MADU will instantly alert you every time a publication features your celebrity placement without a mention of your brand, allowing you to contact the edit team in real-time.
Example Email for brand mention missing alert
software dashboard of monitoring
Seamlessly showcase your PR success
We provide powerful reporting features tailored for celebrity placement campaigns, showing exactly how the story and placement spread across the media worldwide.
We are the technology ally, dedicated to help fashion brands build and nurture their brand status as celebrity favourites.
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