A content commerce solution that seamlessly connects inspiration to shopping opportunities.

With MADU's solution, your audience can instantly purchase products they see in your content. MADU automatically identifies the products featured in your photos, doing the hard work for you.  

Meet MADU's Clients and Partners

What is MADU?

MADU is your content commerce partner, making it easy to turn content into instant shopping experiences for your audience.

As a publisher, you create and share compelling stories and images that captivate your audience daily.

MADU enhances this connection by identifying products featured in your photos, seamlessly linking them to our extensive network of e-commerce partners. This innovative approach replaces traditional ads, integrating a widget around your content, and enabling direct and effortless shopping suggestions right from your website.

Top 5 reasons to use MADU's solution

Increase Revenue
Above market average CTR
Boost Editorial Efficiency
Cookieless & Consumer Friendly
Turns inspiration into action

How MADU works

It's actually really simple.

Having MADU'S commerce content solution on your website could not be easier. All you have to do is install our plugin on your website, and from there the MADU magic is created!

Article is published
MADU scans the photo for products.
Shopping suggestions are generated and published around your photo.
Your audience is able to "Shop the Look" at the point of inspiration.

About MADU

MADU is people + technology
We want your audience to See.Like.Shop.

At MADU, our passion for content and shopping drives everything we do.

Frustrated by the disruptive nature of invasive and irrelevant ads, we developed what is now known as MADU: a Commerce Content solution that assists publishers in crafting premium content and offering personalized shopping suggestions to their audience.

At MADU, we cherish the synergy between exceptional content and a seamless browsing experience. Contact us today to see how MADU can streamline your creative process and revolutionize your content strategy.

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