With MADU's ad-tech solution, your website's audience can transform inspiration into action by instantly shopping for any products they see in published images.
What is MADU?
An ad-tech solution that helps publishers monetize visual content
MADU is your ad-tech solution for the 'cookieless' future. MADU helps you generate revenue from photo content published on your website.
As a publisher, you create stories and publish photos daily that inspire your audience.
MADU helps you to tap into this inspiration by identifying the products that are seen in the photo. We connect these products with our
e-commerce partners and display an ad widget around the content.
With one click, MADU will:
  • MADU Identifies products in your photos and creates shoppable ads
  • Ensures your audience encounters a flawless, inspirational browsing experience
  • Helps you to generate a passive revenue stream form existing photo content
MADU Benefits
Maximize the benefits of publishing visual content
It has never been this easy to turn your photos into an additional revenue stream.
Shop at the point
of inspiration:
Shop at the point
of inspiration:
Your audience can shop for products instantly, from the photo content on your website.
Consumer friendly:
Consumer friendly:
No personal data is collected from your audience, nor do we use cookies.
Increase revenue:
Increase revenue:
Use as an additional revenue stream without detracting from any existing ad campaigns running on your website.
Workflow automation
Workflow automation:
MADU automates your entire workflow around content monetization.
MADU’s content
MADU’s content solution:
Use our copyright-cleared, celebrity photo content feed. Publish with our shoppable ads in it


It's actually really simple.
Having MADU'S ad tech solution on your website could not be easier. All you have to do install our plugin on your website, and from there the MADU magic is created!
Have the confidence to focus on your care business of publishing and leverage the MADU technology to create a passive revenue stream and a frictionless user experience for your audience.


MADU scans the photo for products


Affiliate link is generated and turned into and ad widget


Intuitive ad placement "to inspire shop the look"
Meet the Team
MADU is people + technology
At MADU, we think outside the box. Sick and tired of invasive and irrelevant ads interrupting our viewing pleasure, we come up without own solution. Visual content holds and endless amount of value, yet this often stays untapped. MADU has created an interactive digital advertising solution to help your unearth this value.
We want your audience to See.Like.Shop.
Founder & CEO
Co-Founder & CTPO
Creative Director
PR & Communications
Sonia Asyari
Fashion Editor
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