Be the first to know WHEN CELEBRities Wear your brand!
MADU helps fashion PR agencies monitor and spot their brand in the latest celebrity photos and videos from photo agencies and social media, ensuring that no coverage opportunities are missed.
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Meet and exceed PR coverage targets in a more efficient way!
Speed is essential. MADU empowers you with extra time for strategic media collaboration, allowing to seize PR opportunities with precision and influence.
MADU scans the latest celebrity photos and videos to find your brand's products with instant alerts, relieving you from constant monitoring and the fear of missing out.
Whether it's from product placement or organic purchase by the celeb, MADU uses AI visual monitoring technology to ensure NO photos of celebrity wearing your brand is overlooked.
Workflow of Madu Monitoring
Use MADU to get notifications when there is a hit, allowing you extra time to craft impactful PR stories
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MADU scans the latest celebrity photos and videos
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MADU sends a  "Spotted!" alert
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PR starts planning campaign
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Share on social media
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Collaborate with media network for coverage
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The Power of Organic Celebrity Endorsement
Organic celebrity endorsements create a strong bond between brands and consumers, combining star power and authenticity.

Don't miss the coverage opportunity when a celebrity is seen wearing your brand. It can greatly enhance brand visibility and push sales to new heights.
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